Fees and Registration

With a philosophical approach premised on swimming across the lifespan, all DST training sessions are designed and blended by ability and individual performance goals and plans.

Competitive Swimmers, Masters and Triathletes

Practices geared towards senior-level athletes becoming swim fit and refining stroke technique***.

Basic Swimmers, including Flippers and Juniors

Practices for juniors focusing on fitness and core, commencing with a supervised warmup and stroke technique development. Parents welcome.

Endurance & Coaching Strategy (All DST)

High intensity, Saturday sessions combined with hands-on coach development and club strategy sessions led by the DST Head Coach.

DST BERMUDA SWIMMING – FEES*, 2021-2022 Season

2021-2022 Fee Schedule

Payments should be made to Clarien Bank a/c 6000228329.

*25% discount on memberships for any additional family member living in the same household

** Competitive membership fees take into consideration BASA registration and meet entry fees.

***Registered college or university students returning to Bermuda for school breaks, i.e., Dec.- Jan. & Jun.-Aug.

****Creativity, Activity and Service for International Baccalaureate students