Each of our swimmers, from the smallest Flipper to our fastest Senior, is of equal importance to our team and will be afforded the same level of coaching, support and opportunity as is appropriate to their level.

Swimming Groups and Training Schedule

In order to qualify for the Flippers program, swimmers must be:

  • At least 7 years old and able to swim 25 meters of freestyle with bilateral breathing, 25 meters of backstroke and 25 meters of rudimentary breaststroke. 
  • Able to dive in and do a somersault/forward roll in the water.
  • Able to concentrate and take and apply direction for an hour and demonstrate appropriate safe behavior in the water. 

Flippers train for competitive swimming.  They will work on technique for the three strokes, freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke as well as build endurance in these strokes.  Flippers will also learn the starts, turns and finishes associated with all strokes.  Flippers are highly encouraged to compete and will start with 50 meter races, progressing to 100 meter races.  

Try outs for Flippers are held in June for the following September, in September and, space permitting, in January. 


Juniors must be:

  • Able to swim 100 meters of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with competent technique.
  • Able to competently perform all of the starts, turns and finishes for these three strokes.
  • Able to demonstrate a good swimming training ethic and must be able to take and follow direction for an hour. Ideally, Juniors should have participated in at least one meet. 

Juniors will continue to develop stroke technique and will add butterfly and Individual Medley as well continue to refine starts, turns and finishes with a view to competing in all four strokes. Swimmers will work to increase endurance and speed work will also be introduced.  Swimmers at this level are training to compete in distances up to 400 meters and are expected to participate in meets.

Juniors will be training to attain a 100 meter B time and so qualify for Standard meets. 


Seniors need to show competent to strong technique in all four competitive strokes.  Seniors should have participated in meets and possess a 100 meter B time and so qualify for Standard meets.  Seniors are expected to demonstrate strong swim training skills and be able to train for, as a minimum, 1.5 hours, 3 times a week.

Seniors will continue to work on stroke development and endurance as well as refining starts, turns and finishes and training and competing mental skills. Speed work is emphasized. Seniors are expected to participate in meets in a range of events and distances.  

Seniors are also encouraged to volunteer with the team.  Opportunities for volunteering include Junior Coaching positions with the Flippers and Juniors and volunteer positions in swim meets. Community service hours are given.