Meet the Coaches

Our coaches are all volunteers of varying levels of competitive swimming background. Check out what they like and/or why they chose to be a Dolphin's Club Coach.

Elinor Quarterly, Head Coach 

What is your coaching experience? 

I was a competitive swimmer and started teaching swimming at the age of 12.  As a teenager I was teaching adult stroke clinics.  I became a personal trainer and health and wellness coach over 10 years ago and started back coaching swimming 5 years ago.  

Why did you choose to become a Dolphin’s swim coach?

I chose to become a swim coach as my swim coaches when I grew up were such an important part of my life and influenced me greatly. I wanted to give back to the swimming community that gave me so much.  I chose DST for a swim team for my daughter as I liked the team so much.  Next thing, I was a coach there!

What is the most important role a swim coach plays on a team? 

Wow, so many important roles.  Not just being a teaching strokes, or how to go faster, but making sure the swimmers develop a love for swimming, making sure the swimmers are safe in the pool, helping them learn to compete, to develop team skills as well as habits and skills that will help them out in other areas in their life.  

What  other sports are you interested in?

I like to run and cycle and row and basically anything outside.   I do not like sports that involve a ball and I can’t catch or throw!

What it is your favourite stroke to teach and why?

Definitely breaststroke.  Probably because that was my best stroke.  It’s the hardest stroke to teach so very challenging as a coach, but, done well, it is the most beautiful stroke to watch.  

What is the one achievement that you are extremely proud of?

I’ve got a few, mostly to do with sports but also education.  Of course, I’m super proud of when my kids or swimmers achieve something and because I helped them to do it,  it’s an achievement for me too!

What skills do you have that make you the best swim coach?

Patience, I truly love of swimming, I really enjoy coaching, I’ve got great organizational skills and I like to learn new things in the swimming and coaching world. 

Charmaine Smith, Juniors Coach

Why did you choose to become a Dolphin’s swim coach? 

In making my decision to become a Dolphins swim coach, I considered many factors.  First, swimming is my favourite sport and activity so gaining technical knowledge about the sport was attractive to me.  Secondly, as the newly appointed president of the club, I thought that coaching would be an excellent way for me to interact with our member parents and swimmers.  Lastly, I have children who swim and I thought that gaining coaching experience would enable me to assist with their development outside of their training times.

What  other sports are you interested in?

I am also interested in triathlons - swimming, biking and running.

What is the one achievement that you are extremely proud of?

I am extremely proud of having achieved a work-life balance that accommodates my professional ambitions, those I have for my family and my personal goals. Having said that, with all the moving parts to life, this is a constant work in progress.

Brice Pursell, Flippers Coach

What  other sports are you interested in?

I have played many sports throughout my life including American football, basketball, baseball and track and field. I still enjoy playing all these sports as well as golf and tennis. 

What it is your favourite stroke to teach and why?

My favorite stroke is definitely freestyle: it is like a drag race that requires power and tempo! Since receiving by ASCA certification last year, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Dolphin!

Who is my kid coach?

PreFlipper Coaches: Emily Quarterly assisted by Liana and Doireann 

Flipper Coaches: Helen D'Souza and Brice Pursell 

Junior Coaches: Elinor Quarterly, Charmaine Smith, Helen D'Souza and Adam Zuill 

Senior Coaches: Elinor Quarterly and Manuel Lonfat