About Us

Mission Statement 



To provide an atmosphere where competitive swim training is an enjoyable and rewarding experience where swimmers are taught competitive swim skills to a high degree of excellence in a friendly non-judgmental environment. 

To provide an excellent caliber of coaching, a low swimmer to coach ratio, and a safe environment in which to swim train. 

To encourage, train for and provide competitive swimming opportunities to youth swimmers of ALL levels and abilities including those who want to advance to a high level of competitive swimming. 

To teach and develop sportsmanship, teamwork skills, discipline and most of all a love of swimming.  

To develop each swimmer to the highest degree of competitive swimming that each swimmer is capable of attaining. 

What We Believe

Our swimmers come first.  We concentrate on the development of each swimmer before the overall club result.  

We believe that putting individual swimmers first and coaching them to the best of their abilities will build a great team made up of great individual swimmers.  

We recognize that not every swimmer has the same strengths and skills but we believe that every swimmer, whether highly competitive or not, deserves to have the highest level of competitive swim coaching and to be given the same opportunities to compete.

We believe that encouraging swimmers to compete when they are ready will result in happier, more confident swimmers who enjoy competitive swimming.  Although we do expect all of our swimmers to compete, we do not believe in forcing children to compete before they are ready. 


We believe that in order to develop life-long swimmers, swimmers need to enjoy swimming now.  We believe a supportive and fun as well as serious and competitive environment is the best environment to develop our swimmers to the highest of their ability.

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